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About RSR / OKBR

RSR / Oklahoma Beagle Rescue, Inc. was established in 2004 as the only known Beagle rescue in the state of Oklahoma. To establish a better rescue, OKBR later became part of The RockySpot Rescue.  The founders began the beagle rescue in response to the growing numbers of beagles ending up in kill shelters all over the state.  They began their rescue experience in an all-breed rescue and eventually concentrated all their efforts into rescuing the greatest and most loving of all breeds- the beagle.

Help RSR Beagle Rescue – Be a Part of the Beginning…..

There are many, many beagles brought to Oklahoma shelters everyday.  The Beagle Rescue has traveled as far away as Broken Arrow and Bartlesville to rescue a shelter beagle.  However, there is not always room for more….though there are always beagles waiting in kill shelters to be given a second chance.  For this reason, we desperately need foster homes.  We need trustworthy, responsible, financially capable people willing to open up their homes to an abandoned beagle.  Sometimes, rescued dogs are only in foster care for a few weeks and then are adopted.  Sometimes they are in foster care for several months.  There is really no way of knowing how long it will be, but the key is to have patience and love for these wonderful beings. 

They have been abandoned by their previous owners, or are the result of an unwanted stray litter, and deserve a happy home.  If you can foster incoming beagles, please email us at  Without foster homes, Oklahoma Beagle Rescue will NOT succeed.  We do not believe in “kenneling” dogs, because they have spent enough time confined to a cage… we believe that fostered dogs are more loving, comfortable around people and will make the best pets.  Fostering also gives Oklahoma Beagle Rescue a chance to assess the dogs’ personalities in order to make the best “fit” possible for a forever home.