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Rescue organizations

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Readers submitted information about the following breed rescue groups in response to a request in The Oklahoman:

Airedale Terrier Rescue
Oklahoma contact: Jan Wiles

Alaskan Malamute Assistance League
Oklahoma contact: Virgil Reed
(918) 486-3494

Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline Inc. for Australian shepherds
Oklahoma contact: Sonja Jo Hahn
(918) 366-6909

Mid America Basset Rescue for basset hounds
Oklahoma contact: Kim Dunn
(913) 557-5224

Oklahoma Beagle Rescue
(405) 227-9879

American Brittany Rescue Inc.
Oklahoma contact: Pat Butch
(405) 373-2473

Oklahoma Boston Rescue (based in Bartlesville)

Tulsa Boxer Rescue
Michael Ward - President
Tracy Hendrickson - Vice President
(918) 814-3047

Small Paws Rescue Inc. for Bichon Frise
(918) 638-5854

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, Inc.
Karen Berry
Oklahoma City

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Central Oklahoma Rescue Committee

Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club USA Rescue
Oklahoma contact: Linda Moore

Celtic Corgi Rescue

B. Diane Myers

Chihuahua Rescue of Northeast Oklahoma

Tulsa area only
Vickie Propst
(918) 341-7991
Mary Belz
(918) 243-7273

Okie Dokie Cocker Spaniel Rescue (based in Grove)
(417) 529-8748

Evenings and Weekends

Crest Care for Chinese crested dogs
Oklahoma contact: Tiffany Wagner
(405) 946-6710

RockySpot Rescue for Dalmatians
(405) 699-7358

The Dalmatian Bed and Breakfast
(918) 757-2990

PAWS Doberman Rescue
(405) 373-2331

Doberman Rescue Group Inc.
(918) 366-4554

English Springer Rescue America
Oklahoma region contact: Kate Kyer
(972) 365-8767

Oklahoma Fox Terrier Rescue (wires and smooths)

Heartland Great Dane Rescue
(405) 260-0026

Oklahoma Great Pyrenees Rescue

Sooner Golden Retriever Rescue

Sooner State Jack Russell Rescue
(405) 282-2420

Heartland Lab Rescue, Inc.

Lab Rescue OK Inc.
(918) 902-3800

Friends of Rescue Mastiffs (F.O.R.M.)
Oklahoma State Coordinator
Sue Thompson
Ada, OK
(580) 332-4216

German Shepherd Dog Rescue of Oklahoma
(405) 642-3901

Hounds of the Heartland
Greyhound Pets of America Central
Oklahoma Chapter (based in Oklahoma City)
(405) 923-8801

Greyhound Pets of America Oklahoma Chapter (based in Tulsa)
(800) 366-1472

Homes for Huskies

German Shorthair Pointer and Pointer Rescue of North Texas
Oklahoma contact: Melanie Green

Poodle Club of Tulsa Adoption Team
(918) 252-1872
(918) 749-0391

Homeward Bound Pug Rescue
(405) 706-1492

Pug Rescue Oklahoma City
(405) 677-3620

Oklahoma Saint Bernard Rescue

Giant Schnauzers

Oklahoma Contact:
Michelle Richardson
(405) 584 0684

Vizsla Club of America Rescue Committee
Oklahoma contacts: Leah Clayton
(405) 348-2380
Charli Stokes
regional coordinator
(806) 373-7572