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Marty McFly

Marty and his brother, Buddy, were adopted together!


Adoption Pending



If So Girl

Adoption Pending


Adoption Pending






Scrappy II










Rick O'Shae





Sibbie (Sybly)

Angelina Jolene








My brother and I like to watch TV together with Mama!! I really like my new house and love my new family! Rudy


Pape (Max)

Cindy Lou

She is starting to come up to me and my husband to be petted on her own when we pet the other 2 girls, loving her walks and has slept in bed with us every night, even awoke to get sleeping on her back stretched out petting. She is starting to get vocal when she is happy barks when its walk time or when I come home yesterday was a first she actually tried to play with a toy and our older beagle (don't think she was really sure of herself) She also slept with myself and 2 granddaughters Saturday. Slow but steady progress :) Neighbor came by and she slowly came up and sniffed her hand. She seems to be a little less skittish around women then men. She jumps on bed when I sit on foot of the bed putting on shoes and sniffs my head and dances around yipping. She now will lay down in one spot on the bed when I have the leash so I can hook her up as she loves her walks. We walked 2 miles our 2nd walk today. We just love her!






I HAVE BEEN DOG NAPPED! WHOO HOOO! I went to a temporary 2 week foster home and THEY LOVE ME SO MUCH they won't bring me back! Word is on the street that I am GETTING ADOPTED! I never knew that could happen to me! But IT DID! I will finally have my FOREVER HOME! Doing the Jazzmin happy happy happy dance I am!



Comet has fit right in and is adjusting well. I didn't realize until we got them home how much they look like twins. Comet's a keeper! Learning commands VERY quickly. He's eager to please. Why people say beagles are hard to train is beyond me. Basically, he's puppy minded so I got to get him up to spend and mature in that area. No hurry's! As you can see he and Calvin are very close and have been since day one. He has been an added blessing to our home! He was the perfect Christmas gift that I personally needed and a buddy that Calvin needed after putting our beagle to rest approximately three weeks ago. Once I've gotten Comet trained and on his way, I would like to volunteer my services if possible on a Saturday or two when summer rolls around. ;-)




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Hi , Crash here ! I went to my new vet today and he said I look great, In fact he said I look like a "Show Beagle" !! My teeth don't bother me and I like to chew whatever I can get a hold of. Another favorite of mine is drinking from glasses - yum ! Yesterday I managed to get some orange juice ! My new mom and dad let me sleep in the middle of their bed - I love it , it's so comfy there. I sleep all night, I hardly move. My favorite time of day is when I get to go on my walk, I have even walked in snow ! I have tried really hard to be a good boy, but sometimes I just can't help it, there is so much to discover!!! Well, I like it here but I will not forget you all. I thank you for taking such good care of me and making me healthy again. Life is good !!! Woof & Kisses, Crash























I LOVE MY NEW LIFE!!! I have two other Beagles to play with and I'm learning how to live with my disabilities. I've learned to go up and down the stairs again and I've even learned how to RUN! Mom says I look like a rabbit because I hop with my back legs together, but we don't care if I look silly. :) I think I'll always freak out when Mom leaves me and goes somewhere, but it just means that I love her SOOOO much. I don't EVER like to be away from her. Mom calls me her "co-pilot" because I always go with her when she drives transport dogs (I guilted her into taking me too...). I keep them calm and watch the road with Mom. We love doing them together. I'm so happy! I'm Mom's Miracle Angel. THE Lemon



I'VE BEEN ADOPTED! I'm so excited that I can't tell you much now, but I keep y'all posted! AROOOOOO!


Turbo is AWESOME. Here are a few of his "personality traits?: 1) He is afraid of squeaky toys. He thinks they are alive. 2) He LOVES to chase cats. I've been walking in morning and he sticks his head in bush and the chase is on. 3) No matter what, when, where, or why his nose always leads him to something he will put in his mouth. 4) He can shake with both paws, sit, and beg so far for tricks. Lay down is next on list. 5) He loves to fetch his ball and play tug of war. 6) He likes to terrorize the little meatball dogs in neighborhood. 7) He doesn't howl, but barks from time to time. 8) We were walking at night one time and there was a large monkey stuffed animal sitting upright outside dumpster. When he caught of glimpse of it he freaked out barking and running in other direction. He has a FEAR of big stuffed animals. LOL. 9) He won't sit still in the car. He repeatedly jumps from front to back seat. 10) Only recently will he try to sleep in my bed. He prefers to be on floor in his bed. We're getting along GREAT and he's been a great addition to my life and home. THANK YOU!



He has a new name - Begley - which is Irish for "little warrior" - quite appropriate for him! With all the pretty weather we've been having, Sam has been taking him and Louie (our other, older beagle) to the dog park every day - I'm afraid they're both getting quite spoiled by that. Sam says Begley growls at the bigger dogs - I guess he doesn't understand how small he is. Louie wasn't quite sure about him at first - no growling, just a bit of pouting - but now they're getting along fine - Louie plays with Begley's toys, and they even play "tug of war" with the long, fox looking thing. We don't have a doggie door, but he immediately learned from Louie how to stand by the door and look at one of us until we get up and open it (Sam and I are very well trained that way). And at first he wasn't sure about sleeping on the bed with us. He spend the first night on a doggie bed (his choice). But by the next night he was in bed with us - when I get up in the morning to get ready for work he likes to take over my "warm spot". And no allergy issues at all (knock on wood). I think he's happy, but it must be hard to leave a foster home - they don't know that it's only temporary. He's a sweetie and we love him. Thanks for taking such good care of him until we could get there!








Betty White

Dearest Friends, Tomorrow I will have been in my new home 2 weeks! I thought things were going really well the first week but the second week is EVEN BETTER!!! I have completely settled in! My parents think I am a delight! Monday I went to meet my new Vet family. They all fell in love with me. They gave me treats for being such a good girl. I greet my family at the door with a happy dance each day and we hug and cuddle until bed time then we snuggle in for the night! When family or friends visit, I greet them happily and make them feel at home. Thursday we went to the Christmas parade and watched all the floats and people from our warm car. I really perked up when the horses came by, they smelled so good! Then I saw the Sonics? extra, extra, extra tall poodle walking in the parade and he was so handsome!(Even if he wasn't a beagle!) During Thanksgiving we were all thankful to be together! Our Christmas tree is very pretty and I love to lay and look at the lights. I love the beagle ornaments! This weekend we are decorating a little tree, just for me! I am so excited! I have been told that there will be something very special for me under the tree this year from Santa! My parents tell me I AM their Christmas gift! Tell all of my friends that I am great! My yard has lots of running space so I get a good run in everyday. There is a black cat that tries to sneak over the fence to get our birds but I run him off! My mom loves to feed the birds and gives them a good home too! God is blessing us all this Holiday season and we are praying for all of you! Love and Paws, Betty the happiest dog in the world White


Olive Annie









We want to give you an update on Lily, whom we call ?Willy?. She has turned out to be just a super pet, and (aside from an occasional hole digging in the vegetable garden) is very, very well behaved. She spends a great deal of time squirrel hunting in our back yard. We can?t decide whether this is her favorite pastime, or if she thinks it is her responsibility to keep the yard free of these pesky critters. Whichever it is, she certainly gets a lot of exercise chasing them and following the scent trails. We just got back from a 6 week visit to Florida , which she seemed to enjoy very much. I?ve attached a few pictures of her on her vacation. Yesterday I finally got around to delivering the adoption form to Petsmart. I?m sorry it took so long. The trip to Florida got in the way. Anyway, we can?t thank you enough for the important work you and all of your wonderful volunteers do! We are so grateful! Margie and Silvio Cianfrone








Maggie assisted
















We were blessed to have this grouchy, sweet old man in our lives for as long as we did and we all will miss him walking the floors ruling his world for a long, long time to come. Sometimes late at night there is the slightest hint of a jingle, a shuffle and a grump and one would swear Zeek is still patrolling HIS home. God Speed Zeeks? we love you old man! Thank you for your service to us!







Sweet Pea


Miss Jasmine







Abigail (Abby)


















Betty Mae

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Alice (Cindy)

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Coda, Here! Boy! It was a long way home to Kansas. But I made it and am really enjoying my new home in Kansas. I go everywhere with my new family.
I love to go for walks to the park and around our neighborhood. Sock's are my favorite chew toy!
Mom and Dad keep cat treats by the computer so I've figured out that if I sit real nice next to the computer I can get a cookie (a.k.a. cat treat). So I like to head downstairs and sit by the computer waiting for my cookies!


Details Coming Soon


Details Coming Soon.


Hey there, this is Al, writing from my new home in Norman! I miss my foster mom and all the great folks and other dogs at the rescue. But I am liking my new place great! It was a little scary at first, getting adjusted to all the new noises and the smells - and being the only dog. It was a little too quiet at first! But once I got used to everything, I like getting all the attention from my people! I just have to share attention with the kitty - sometimes I try to play with her a little but she's kind of cranky. We're getting along OK though. The people leave all sorts of blankets all over the house for me to snuggle up on, and talk to me and fuss over me all the time. They have a really big yard I can play in, with lots of neighbor dogs to sniff noses with through the fence - and I get to go for play dates with their friends' dogs too! The very best part though is that my new mom likes the rescue so much that she volunteers for them now, so I get to come back and see everyone! I have been going for lots of walks with my people, and I can help them out in the kitchen too - gotta keep the floor clean when they drop something! They even gave me my own drawer for treats! They better keep those walks coming though if they are going to keep giving me all those snacks....Signing off for now - everyone have a great holiday season! I know that I am going to. Lots of love and doggy kisses from Al!!!

Copper (Stanley)

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Details Coming Soon!


I was Adopted with My Sister!


I was adopted with my Brother!


Ruthie here. You might recall that I was called Lucy, Matilda and, I think I had another name or two back a long time ago. Anyway, I'm Ruthie and I'm here to stay. My people were pretty well trained when I arrived. We had to negotiate about my standing on the table, but as you can see, the bed is mine. I like to sit on the chair by the front window, where I am in charge of everything I see. I have defended my humans from squirrels, birds, other dogs and even other humans - some with boxes! You will notice that there are no birds or squirrels in my house, so you can see how that's going. I miss my old friends at The Rescue, particularly Penny, who kept my ears clean. Also Hans - such a handsome and sweet guy - he helped me perfect my aarroo. I was just a kid back then. My people adore me and I like knowing this is where I'll live always. And I think we've come to an understanding about the table: When they are in the room, I'll stay down. Thanks, everyone at The Rescue! You guys are tops! Stay warm and keep the squirrels in check! With love, Ruthie/Rooooothie/RooRoo/Baby Ruth/Ruth Beagle/The Beagle...




I've Been Adopted!







I'm going home! Yeah! More details soon!


I've been adopted! Whooo-Hooo-Aroooo!



I've been adopted! Wooo-Whooo-Arroooo! Stay tuned for more details!



In Foster Home...






Well, the name is Seamus now - and my family says I respond very nicely to my new name. I am very happy to have a family and a home. I like to play in the yard and play with my stuffed pheasant. Playing with the human kids is a lot of fun too! My new canine sister, Maggie, and I are starting to be great pals. She wasn't too sure about me at first - but has since figured out that I'm pretty OK. I'll be happy when spring is over and we don't have any more thunderstorms. I'm a little scared of them still, but at least now I can hide under the big comfy bed. I'm so happy with my new family!



Wow - what a day! I got adopted and now I have 3 human sisters and a cool beagle brother!


Finally - I'm getting adopted! Yeah! I'm doing a happy beagle dance!


Details Coming Soon


Adoption Pending



I'm so excited, today is my 11th Birthday and my Gotcha day. That's right I tuned 11 and got officially adopted today! AROOOO!!


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I've got a new home with another beagle! Yeah!


Thanks for helping me find my new family. I even got a beagle brother! I'm settling in very nicely, they say that you'd think that I have lived here all my life! Bailey and I share the couch, the dog beds, and even the people bed, although mom says they're gonna have to break that habit now that there are have two pups! Mom says that I am actually very well mannered when it comes to things like getting ready for a walk (I sit and wait for the leash to be put on), walking on a leash (I'm a good "heeler"). I sit on command and am learning "out" when I go into the kitchen (but that's where all the good stuff is). Mom says I seem pretty sharp, which of course, Beagles are. Mom and Dad found out that I have a little more reach than Bailey did when it comes to trying to get things off the counter. They found this out when they came home and we had ours heads stuffed in the dog food bag on the floor (Note from mom: It had been setting on the back of the washing machine). Unfortunately, we didn't get more than about 2 cups between the two of us. I'm not too close to Bailey yet, although Bailey desperately wants to play with me now that we're home. Bailey barks and paws at me, but I am mostly interested in people affection right now. Hopefully that will change over time as I get more secure in my new home. There hasn't been a hair raised between the two of us even once, we are just peacefully coexisting together. Right now we're both curled up on the couch next to mom, no doubt dreaming of that bag of dogfood we got into. Thanks again for everything!

Lu Lu

Dear OKBR, OMG - why didn't you guys at OKBR tell me there were dogs that looked like me. I thought everyone looked like you guys, but now I have three, count 'em, three sisters that look just like me. There's Flo and Tessa and Lacy, and boy are we "good lookin". I guess I do miss all the smells there at OKBR but there are quite a few new and strange smells here at our house. My Mom says most of them come from my Dad, but I still like him. He is very friendly, scratches my back, wipes my butt when I don't even ask, and best of all he comes up with the greatest games, that wait for it - all involve a squeek toy or water. Somebody pinch me I must be sleepin ! Dad and I even got in the swimming pool on Labor Day - check out the photo. I'm the one on the left. I think I have gained a pound, but I think Dad is a little ahead of me on that. Dad and I share the games even-steven. He does the spraying and I do the catching. We have a great time, but you can see he's kind of an old guy so I take it easy on him. Mom, the only Texan in the house, stays home with me all day. We make sure she keeps our cookie jar filled with treats! She even bought me some new bling - check out my collar!! I make sure, along with my sisters, that she gets all her projects done before Dad gets home, cause let me tell you - when Dad gets home, it's Parrrty Tiiiiiiime. Tessa and I do the singing and dancing and my other two sisters are backup. I think I learned how to sing from some of you guys there at OKBR, not that beagles sing that much. We really like it when he gets home and we get lots of kisses, naturally Mom gets the most, but I think it has something to do with that Texan thing. Did I tell you we have a huge backyard with a fence that I can't even see over and forget trying to climb over. Honestly though, I'd have to be crazy to want to try. I'm sure there is nothing over the fence that's half as much fun or makes me near as happy as what's inside the back yard - me and my family. Thank you to all my two-legged friends at OKBR for taking care of me and helping me wait for Mom and Dad. They were worth the wait, and my sisters are just gravy - ooh! gravy - I hope it's time to eat soon. I'll admit, I was a little afraid of my sisters at first, but after Dad got out my blue squeak toy, it was like I had lived there all my life. It's easy to forget that you are someplace strange when you are chasing that crazy blue pig with your sister, and you know what? After you chase it a while with your sisters, you're not in a strange place anymore - you're home! More photos soon - tell everyone hi and give them kisses. That's something I never run out of. Oh, Dad says your "lil spaz" has settled down. Course I think it could have something to do with the fact that my sisters are all a "spaz" and Dad himself didn't fall far from the spaz tree. It's all good in Little Rock. Lulu in Little Rock PS: - of course it would be just a little bit better if anyone knew where we could get a halfway decent football team. Later !!! __._,_.___





Details Coming Soon


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I'm SO Excited! My foster family has decided to adopt me! Yay for me! I knew I had them from the first day, as you can see from my photo, I'm real handsome so they knew they'd be heartbroken without me.


I'm finally home! Details coming soon!

Kami (was Tammy)

Barney Beagle


Sammy (Hunter)


Details Coming Soon!


Mr Beagley


Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

Author unknown...


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Hi, I'm Delilah.
I took a plane ride to Colorado. I love my new home. I have a new Mommy and Daddy, a Boy and my very own Wembley! I'm working on training the Daddy. When he gets home from work, I look at him with my big brown puppy dog eyes and cry until he gives me a treat! I love treats!!!








Details Coming Soon!


Details Coming Soon!



Hi guys, Its Nathan! Well I finally made it to Boise. WOW!
Got me a new home,mom,dad,and a cute little female beagle to run with. I was a bit nervous at first, you know, airplanes,house,yard and these smells are all new to me. Let me tell you it was all worth it! I?m up at 5:00 am, go out, eat, and play play play. By 7:00 am I?m on the couch for a snooze. 9:00 am back out to play some more. This female runs me ragged! By 11:00 am Dad says he needs quite time so I get a treat and my sister and I are off to the kennel for a well deserved afternoon nap. By 3ish I am ready to Go,Go,Go. More play. Now it?s my turn as I get the best of my sister and run her into the ground. By 5:00 pm Dad says its feeding time (I really like this time) and out for more play. Mom gets home at 5:45 pm and now its time for a stroll around the block. My sister and I are showstoppers on our walk. We both prance and everyone in the neighborhood wants to come see the beagle puppies. I am a ham and get tons of attention. By 6:00 pm we are back home for some more back yard play. Seems I just can?t get enough play, as it is a hoot here. By 8:00 pm Mom says its treat and quite time. By 9:00 pm we are off to the back yard for more play. WOW I?m tired and worn out already. 10:00 pm is upon us and Dad moves my kennel from the front room to the bedroom for a good nights rest. I?m having a great time here with my new family and I know there is a God as my prayers have been answered! On a final note to you all at the rescue, Hang in there, Be patient, and continue to pray as your day will soon come as a wonderful family will find you! Love, Nathan P.S. Photos coming soon



Well, I finally have some time to sit down at the computer and give an update on what's happening here in Texas. My new home is right here in Highland Village, Tx. I have a great family and a big yard with trees and lots of running room. My new boy loves to play fetch with me and I run full blast around the yard. We go on lots of long walks and I can't even tell you how busy my nose is with the multitudes of smells in this neighborhood. I get to sleep with my boy in my crate in his room and my family is just so impressed with what a good boy I am. We do have the issue with my living up to my namesake (the escape artist) but my family loves me so much they're willing to work with me. Most of all, my new mom loves me so much she says it seems like I have always been here. So, it seems like I have found my fur-ever home! Yippeee! Good luck to all you guys back at OKBR-I hope you have as much luck as I did.


April 2015 I am finally after all this time sending some pictures of Ocie/Oscar that I adopted several years ago. Four to five years ago? I am so sorry I never got around to sending photos sooner. Oscar is VERY spoiled and loves his pretty golden sister even though she is a little bossy! We just love him so!! He's such a sweet cuddlebug, but also loves to bark and chase the squirrels! Thank you so much for Oscar and for allof the dogs that you save, help and love!


I went to my new home with OC!


Details Coming Soon!


Details Coming Soon


Hello Everyone! I miss you all. Sorry this took so long. My new mom told me I needed to do this almost a year ago. I?m Spanky. I?m the cute Beagle that has the crooked tail. I came to stay with my forever family at first as a foster. You see, my parents had adopted Frisco from OKBR, he says hi, he?s not much of a writer or talker, and then they were asked if they could foster me for a short time to help out?I knew once I got in they were mine! So then we moved to a house with WAY less noise, way more space, and way nicer people around. Well, someone wanted to see me and maybe take me home?no one in the family could stand to see me go?not my new Mom, Dad, 2-legged brother, or Frisco!! THEY LOVE ME HERE!! I even have a nickname! Mom calls me ?The Spankster? or ?DIGGER? I like to dig, what can I say! Dad even built us this awesome 5? tall and about 4? wide house that we can all play in when we?re outside?me, Frisco, and our 2 legged brother (he likes to hide his toys in there too). I?ve gotten a bit fat lately and taken to howling at the moon. (Yeah, mom tells me to hush and tells me she didn?t know I was part werewolf) Dad makes us walk EVERYDAY! Frisco?s older and seems to love it, but DANG it?s hard work?.but the old geezer and I weigh the same now, so I gotta start toning up and really getting into those walks. Mom started us on the weight control food?blah?but oh well, at least I have my forever home.
To all my friends still at the rescue?.have faith. There is a family out there for you. The will find you, maybe not even on purpose. I miss you all!


Details Coming Soon


Here are some pictures of me with my sisters (and Dad) getting ready to go for a walk for halloween 2008. I love halloween. I get to wear costumes that show my true self (I'm an angel, in case you were wondering).


Hey everybody, it?s me Wendy! I am happy to finally have a Fur-Ever home. I love it here! I can curl up wherever I want to. I snuggle up on the couch or the foot of Mommy and Daddy?s bed. My new parents know that all I want in life is a soft toy or a chew stick to keep me smiling for days. I surprised them when I came home because I was already potty trained, knew basic tricks like sitting, and my favorite word ?NO!?. (I?m sooo smart ☺.) I hope all my friends there find homes that they will love as much as I love mine.


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I'm off to live in Colorado! I'll send an update soon!




Detail Coming Soon!


Update September 2009: I'm a therapy dog! My mom is happy to report that I have passed my TDI (Therapy Dogs International) certification. OKBR sends a BIG congratulations to Baybe and her family! This is a wonderful and amazing achievement! XXXOOO UPDATE: Hello Folks; It has been one year since I got my new family.I think I will keep them.They let me sleep in a king sized bed.They are good drivers too.They take me to the doctor.I only have seizures about once a month now.They put me on a new human medicine and it seems to be working. I still like using the front door like we used at your place. I keep going to the front door. Funny… they insist on using the back door instead. I play a trick on them. I go to the back door and wait as if I want to go outside. They stand up every time to take me outside. Every time! Then I run to the kitchen to beg for food. Ha, ha, ha! The joke is on them. I have them trained well! Love, Baybee UPDATE: HOOOW-RRRRR-YOOOU? I am sending you this picture of a lazy Thanks-Giving day. And…I am thankful to have this couch you see me on. Guess what? I am the first Beagle, in the history of this house, to ever have couch privileges. They love me. Things are still going okay with the seizures. I only have them once in a while, now. That is great, considering I was having them a lot when I first got here. I know that the stress of changing houses had something to do with it. They take me on long walks. I love long walks too. I get a chance to smell deer, ground hogs, opossum, and other creatures. I think I will continue to keep these people. I love it here. They love me too, BAYBEE


Cricket here . . . I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how I am doing in my new home. I love, love, love, everything that goes on around here, especially walks with my sister beagles, Lucy and Daisy. Daisy and I also love to chase squirrels and the cat, Ellie, but that activity gets me a round of "NO KITTIE, BAD" everytime. Oh well, I just shake it off and move on to the next exciting thing. I also love sleeping on the back of the couch. I am such a good napper! Mom says to me all the time, "You ain't nothing but a hounddog". Oh yeah, and recently I graduated from sleeping in my crate to sleeping in the nice soft bed. Yep - life is good! Thanks OKBR for saving me and finding me my forever home.


I'm on my way to California!!


Details Coming Soon




Well, I thought I would take a minute to send all my friends at Oklahoma Beagle Rescue a wish for a Happy New Year! I am settling in here at my furever home and enjoying playing with all my sisters and brothers. I have been given the job of helping stand guard outside the kitchen while my oldest beagle sister Sassy eats her meals. That way none of the other dogs bother her and she can take her time and eat since at 14 she doesn't have many teeth left. They have a four-legged animals here called horses that my sister Sadie and I like to bark at from the front windows. I am still trying to get used to the booming noise I hear occasionally. My Mom says the sound is made by something called a howitzer that the Army uses. It doesn't bother my brothers and sisters so I guess it can't hurt me. I enjoy howling along with my basset brothers and sister when Mom and Dad leave and don't let us go with them. I have a little brother named Auggie that is part Chihuahua and he likes to run back and forth under my stomach when we are outside in the yard. Mom and Dad are having to make some adjustments in the kitchen since Mom tells me I am the best counter surfer they have ever had. Mom keeps thing out of reach pretty well, but Dad is my buddy cause he forgets and leaves the bread where I can get it. I get a little scolding for this, but Dad gets the most since he is the one that forgot to move everything out of my reach! Everyone take care and I will write again soon.
P.S. Mom has two beagle boys named Zack and Chester that will be coming to Beagle Rescue soon. They are very beagle boys so please check them out when they are available for adoption

Piper (Tina)

Hi Guys! My mom said I need to let you know that all is going well here at the Smyth house. I got here Saturday and have fit right in ever since. I was up on the couch in "my spot" within minutes. I've almost got my mom & dad understanding that I need to sleep right between them at night and they seem to be adjusting okay. They got all these toys and balls and bones for me. I love to fetch the ball for mom and dad. Seems like they want to throw that ball forever and I just keep bringing it back to them. I don't understand, if they want me to bring it to them, how come they throw it? Oh well, I love it, it's even fun in the snow! I went to the dog doctor and she said I was A-Okay! Except I meet a couple dogs there that I wanted to talk to and they didn't want to talk to me. I keep trying to play with the kitties here, Sam & Abby, but Abby said she doesn't like me so she doesn't play. Sam is nice and we chase each other around the house. I also get to go in the car with mom and dad all the time. I've been to Kentucky Fried Chicken and PetSmart just in the past couple days! Yesterday we went to Nana & Papa's house for the afternoon. Talk about fun! I think things are going to work out really well here. Don't worry about me! I'm living it up.... Thanks for taking such good care of me while I was at OKBR. Piper P.S. Mom & Dad have taken lots of pictures of me but they wanted me to tell you that their computer and camera won't talk to each other right now....and that Mom will try to get them to you soon.



I'm off to live in Colarado, more pics soon!


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Duece (Patrick)

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I went home with my Buddy Dante


Hi Oklahoma Beagle Rescue! I?m having a great time here in Dallas with my new family! I love to chase the squirrels up the trees and howl at the ol? kitties next door! I love my sister Opie! We always bark at each other and see who can be the loudest and who can steal the toys the fastest. Sometimes she likes me to chase her all around the room?we have lots of fun. My mommy and daddy buy me lots of different yummy treats, chews and healthy edibles too!!! I love food and I love to surf up and down the counters, even though I?m not supposed to.  I can beg, shake, give you a high-five, and I?m learning how to lay down for my treats too.
Toys! Toys! I love my froggy and duck but, hmm?my favorites are the baby tennis balls. Mommy and daddy like to throw them all at once and I don?t know which one to get first?we?ve been playing this game since the night they brought me home. Now I can even flip one into my mouth if you put it on my nose. !
For Christmas, mommy and daddy took me and Opie to San Antonio and Fredericksburg, TX. This was my first long drive since my trip from OK and mommy says I did really well! Daddy drove the whole time and Opie and I got to sleep on big pillows in mommy?s lap. Opie is really scared of driving and mommy says I calm her down when I?m up against her. When we were there, I got to see deer, sheep, goats and all kinds of animals!!! I even got to roam around all this land with Opie and my uncle Willie?and mommy and daddy too. It was such an adventure!!! Opie says she?s even seen armadillo there, but we didn?t see any this time.
Opie and I got new toys and treats from Santa! I?ve already taken all of the squeakies out of the new toys and now I?m working on tearing apart the rope things. Willie and I love to play tug-of-war with them too! Daddy says we won?t be buying anymore of those cheap toys because I ripped them apart so fast?I think I?m just really big and strong!
The other day mommy and daddy took me to doggy daycare with my uncle Willie. (He?s a big black lab and we can play all day long when we?re together.) Mommy says I weighed 23 pounds at daycare?that?s 10 pounds more than when they took me home from OK. Mommy says I?m such a big boy now!
At doggy daycare there were all these other doggies my size and we were free to run inside and out all we wanted. There were even couches outside and I played king of the couch and won! Mommy and daddy said they could see me on camera all they wanted all day long.
Thank you OKBR and Robin for taking such good care of me before I found my forever-home. I?ll always miss you guys! Click this image to see more!



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Details Coming Soon!


Hi everyone! I've been living with my new parents for a few weeks now and I'm loving it! The ride home was interesting with lots of new smells coming through the vents - I had to be careful not to hit my nose on the vent cover when mom slowed down! I first went to Grammies and Gramps house and I got to play with all of mom's brothers and sisters. Mom gave me a bath which was OK, but I'm not too sure about getting wet - she seemed to think it was necessary!
After a couple of days mom put me back in the car and I drove home to Dallas. Dad was there to meet us and he was really pleased to see me. I have the run of the house!...although I'm not allowed on Mom and Dad's bed (I sneak in there if they leave the door open!) I have my own doggie bed in my crate, but most of the time I like to sleep stretched out on the couch.
Mom has given me her OSU blanket which is really comfortable and the tassles taste so good! We all like to sit on the couch together and watch TV in the evening and if I turn onto my back Mom and Dad rub my belly until I fall asleep. Dad takes me for a walk in the morning and I'm getting to make lots of friends in the neighbourhood. Everyone says how pretty I am and how happy I look - that's because I've found my forever home!:) Dad's trying to help me get along with cats a little better and I'm getting to know one who lives nearby - I still don't understand them though!! Mom gets home from work first and I always stretch out on my belly just so she knows i've had a hard days work guarding the house from all the cats, and then I run over and tap her on the knees with my paws so she'll reach down and give me a hug. Mom feeds me my dinner and takes me out for a social walk before Dad gets home. My mom laughs at me alot because I always insist on covering my tracks by scratching at the dirt whenever a girl dog is in the vicinity! What can I say...the ladies love me!
Anyway...I hope you guys are all doing well and that you find your forever homes soon! Thanks for taking care of me and matching me with Mom and Dad. I'll see you all soon.
Luke. xx p.s You should go and check out all of my friends at the Beagle Rescue - they need a forever home too!!


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Dexter (Droopy)


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I've been with my new family a week now and am getting really spoiled. I didn't make a peep on the ride to my new home and was very good. My new family couldn't decide whether to change my name or keep "Coaster." I think they've decided to keep Coaster but my mom just calls me "Handsome."
I've got a new feline brother named Indie. He only has 3 legs but he's fast. We like to play chase alot. We get along great and like to eat out of one another's dish (when mom's not looking). Even though I'm not really allowed up on the furniture, my big human sis lets me snuggle with her in her bed in the mornings. And my little human sister has the best pile of soft animals to play with. I try to sneak one every chance I get. My favorite toy is a squeaky monky that my family bought me at Petco - and the rawhide bones are good, too!
If I stare long enough with my puppy dog eyes, my mom and dad sometimes give me real good treats (like cheese or a piece of chicken) - but only when I'm real good. Oh, and I've got the BIGGEST backyard to run and play in. I'm still exploring the territory but there's a cute little canine next door that likes to trade barks and sniffs with me through the fence. My mom says I'm the quietest beagle she's ever seen. I rarely bark or bay. My most favorite thing is to have my belly and ears rubbed.
Thanks so much for helping me find my family and my furr-ever home! I think I'm going to like it here!

PS - My mom has a message to anyone who is reading this and is considering adopting. It's the best thing in the whole world to adopt a beagle! They're always smiling and playful! Take one home today!


Dear Oklahoma Beagle Rescue:

Thank you for taking me in and helping me find my family!

We traveled 3 hours to Dallas and I bounced from the back seat to the front seat until I discovered that my new mommy?s lap was the most comfortable. Although Daddy?s big <<...>> <<...>> dash board really looked appealing.

I have a new Beagle brother named Max who is two years old and showing me the ropes. We spend most of the morning on Daddy?s couch napping and playing while he works. Max showed me it is really cool to sit on top of the couch and watch our family?.although I don?t think Mommy likes too much?but let?s us do it anyway. We have a big back yard to run and play with Haley and Harrison, my human brother and sister. My new mother likes to cuddle a lot and Max and I like to play tug of war. He doesn?t like it when I win!

I hope my friends back in Norman are lucky enough to find a great family like I have found. I was lucky that you found me and gave me a chance to be with a family that loves me.

Thanks Again for all your help!

Love Chase


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Tippy (Violet)


Everybody at OK Beagle Rescue, Thank you for matching me up with my "fur-ever" family. The car ride to Texas was very, very long...but Mom said I was a good rider. I snuggled with my new beagle brother Sam all the way to my new home. My name is just a little different - I'm now Belle - or Southern Belle or Texas Belle or Baby Belle! But mostly Belle.
I wrote a poem to explain what my new life is like in Texas. Just read it to the tune of the song "My Favorite Things".

To the tune of ?My Favorite Things? ? by Belle
Catfood in dishes and big fluffy pillows,
Sniffing my backyard and chasing the squirrels,
Sitting on mom?s lap when no one?s around,
These are a few of my favorite things.

Sleeping with my dad under the covers,
Playing with Sammie, my new beagle brother,
Checking our garbage for new tasty treats,
These are a few of my favorite things.

When the door rings,
Or some dogs bark,
Or something moves outside,
I run out my dog door and look all around
And then I arrroooohhh real loud.

I?m learning ?rollover? and ?get off the table?,
Car rides are real fun and drive thru?s are better.
Our cat is grumpy but her food is great.
It?s almost dinner and I just can?t wait!

Chewing on stuffed toys and munching big dog bones,
Going for longs walks with Sam and my new mom,
Sitting between mom and dad on the couch,
I love my new home, but the cat is a grouch!

When the cat cries
And my dad barks
Then my mom scolds
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don?t feel so bad.


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Hercules and Lady

Hi Everybody, and all our four-legged buddies at Oklahoma Beagle Rescue!! We made it down to Lake Kiowa, Texas and are having a great time in our ?fur-ever? after home! It seems like we have lived here all our lives! Mom said we were perfect on the drive down. She even said one of us snored!! (We know it was Hercules!) When we got to our new home, we met our new Beagle sister Sally. She was glad to have some buddies to run around with and nap with on the bed. We have now learned to use the dog door and have a great time running all over the back yard and playing chase up and down the fence with our next door neighbor dogs. Thanks, OKBR for taking care of us and for finding us a forever after home together. Mom and Dad really love us a lot!!

Emily (Carly)

Hello it's Emily, formerly Carly, from The Colony, Texas! My new owner says I'm great in the car, plus I like going with her to new places. We have already visited Pets Mart and I loved shopping for a new collar, toys and treats - it was great fun! This is a great place to meet and greet new friends, happiness o bliss.
I have a sister who was also adopted. Her name is Sadie Mae (she is a Snauzer/Terrier mix). She does not quite know what to make of me yet because I'm bigger than her. I want to be her friend, but she is still a little skeptical of me still. I also found out that I have a cousin that is a beagle - yippee. I met her over the weekend and her name is Bailey. Bailey and I had great times running and playing, then she had to go home to San Marcos - it made me sad when she left. Mom promises me we will go see Bailey often. Mom loves to give me kisses and tells me how much she loves me all the time and I love her too - I lather her with beagle kisses as much as I can! Guess what, we even sleep together - I'm in heaven.
Thank you Chuck and OKBR for finding me the perfect home - I'm lovin it.


Rainbow Bridge Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart. Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together.... Author unknown...


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Clyde has certainly stolen a place in each of our hearts and is fitting in very well as a member of the family (even fights for his place on the bed at night). He seems to be getting along very well -- although, the cat still doesn't know what to do about his wanting to run after her :-).


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Hi everyone! It's Dewey here, coming to you from my new home in Norman, OK. What a great looking family, huh?! That's me there in the lap of my new dad, while my new mom holds my bigger beagle brother, Copper. So far, everything seems to be going great! My mom and dad love to give kisses, while Copper and I have a rowdy time wrestling and fighting over the bone (even though there are two of them)! I just want to say thank you so much to OKBR for finding my new home for me. I couldn't have done it without you! So, until next time? AROOO!


Hi! My name is Billy the Beagle, also known as Mr. Bill. I am pretty settled into my new home and new routine. My momies know I love rawhide chews and my green stuffed toy that I have from OK Beagle Rescue. They also know my favorite thing is a belly rub and that I will roll over for one anytime! I am getting them trained pretty well! When my red lease comes out I know I'm going somewhere fun. Maybe the dog park, maybe the dogwash, maybe to my new grandpa's (he especially likes to visit with me, I remind him of his old hunting dogs), or sometimes just for a walk around the neighborhood. I have some friends next door that I like to talk to througth the fence sometimes, but most of all I just want to be around my people!
Thanks OK Beagle Rescue for finding me my forever home!

Buddy (Daniel)

Hi my name is Buddy- at least, I think that's what my name is!!! When I was at OKBR it was Daniel, but when I got to my new home, they wanted me to make a fresh, new start! Since I was a gift to Mommy from Daddy for her birthday, Mommy was supposed to name me, but Daddy seemed to wrinkle his nose a lot on my first night here. He wanted me to have a manly name like Sparticus (yuck!), but Mommy knew I was a softy the moment she met me! I think they are sticking with Buddy, but there was also Speagle, Sydney, and Sonny before that- it was a lot to take in in one night!!
What else is new? Well, I now have a lazy feline brother, Samson, and an even lazier feline sister, Sadie. Sometimes Samson will at least let me touch him with my nose, but no way on Sadie- if I want to play I go find my Mommy and Daddy! They are so cool!! I have a big back yard to play in, but for now I have to stay on a leash until they finish the fence. They let me sleep in their room, but my bed is called a crate for some reason. Mommy laughs at me and Daddy because we sound a lot alike when we sleep- who knew they'd be such a perfect match for me!! One more thing, there's something called football season coming up in a couple months and Mommy told me that when Daddy says BOOMER, I have to saySAROOOOOOOOOOONER for him so she doesn't have to do it anymore- whatever that means!!
Thank you OKBR for saving my life and adopting me into such a great family!


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Jasmine (Chanelle)

Hi, my name is Jasmine! I was known as Chanelle at the OK Beagle Rescue but Mommie said I look like a princess and she thinks my real name must have been Jasmine. I have a big beagle brother named Jake and we love to play together and wrestle and chase each other around the house and in the back yard. We also like to play tug of war with all the toys in our house. I am learning to sit for my treats. I think Daddy must be Santa Clause because he always brings us new toys and he is always good for an extra treat. We go for long walks and when I tug too much on the leash, Mommie and I will jog a bit. At nighty night time, we all climb into our bed and I snuggle with Mommy or Daddy and Jake sleeps at the foot of the bed to protect us. I haven't decided yet who is the best snuggler but I think in a few years, I will be able to decide. Ain't life great! Oh, I forgot, I am a princess and I have to use good grammar. Thank you OK Beagle Rescue for finding my real family that I can live happily every after with.


Hi, my name is Meg, but my new Mom and Dad have lot's of nicknames for me, like Nutmeg and Megaphone. My new little gal pal even sings a song with my name. "Mega Lega! Mega Lega Ding Dog!" Catchy, huh? Sometimes Mom calls me "Asplundh", because I like to find sticks and branches and turn them into mulch in the yard.

Oh! The yard. Did I tell you about the yard? There's a covered porch where Dad keeps a handy storage box, and I like to relax on the lid. There's a lower level to explore with lots of new landscaping. I tried to show an interest in Dad's work and dig up a shrub, but Mom caught me and explained that Dad wouldn't be pleased. Next, I go up some stairs and explore what Mom calls the terrace. It makes me feel superior to prop my front paws on the retaining wall and gaze out over my new domain.

What I like most is to be inside with my family. Mom and the little one play something called CandyLand, and if they play on the floor I like to sneak in about the middle of the game and run off with one of their gingerbread men! This makes them chase me and it's great fun. I think my favorite thing is the end of the day when Dad comes home and sits on the couch to relax. I like to take a running leap, then curl up on his lap. Ahhh!
This place is great, and I'm glad to call it my forever home. Thanks Beagle Rescue!


Hello everyone! Remember me? It?s Simone! Wow, let me tell you about my trip to my new home and about what it?s like living in Grand Junction, Colorado. Well, I knew I was not in Oklahoma any more when we got out of the car in June and there was this cold white stuff falling from the sky! And what a long car ride that was! My new family wondered if I couldn?t speak, because they didn?t hear a peep out of me until a day after we got home. But they still brag about what a quite and good mannered beagle I am. My new home is great. I?ve got a big yard and my own room (kennel). I met my new cat sister & brother. My sister is 16 and is a grump, and she thinks she runs the house. My cat brother is laid back though*we hang out together in the sunroom when the rest of the family?s out. I also have two human sisters and a human brother. I slept on my oldest sister?s lap for most of the ride to my new home. And sometimes I sleep with my youngest sister when she doesn?t have school. My human brother and I are best buds. He tries to give me his food and tries to share mine, but mom?s always telling him ?no.? He hands me good smelly socks and slippers that I can?t get to, but still mom tells him ?no.? She?s always asking him why he?ll go in my ?crib,? but not in his. And when he wakes us, I?m the first person he thinks of, saying ?Bupa?? Dad and I have fun too. He and mom take me walking where they sometimes let me chase lizards and rabbits*Dad gets a good run out of that. Dad takes me to the mountains too! Boy, are they high*I was getting winded just running around! Now, I don?t usually like water, but when I saw that slimy shiny thing come out of the water and jumped right in after it. And when I grabbed Grandpa?s trout he laughed so hard he couldn?t get the fish away from me. We went up with my dog cousin, Pugs. She and I had lots of fun and got to share a ?Doggie Sunday? in Collbran on the way home. I am having lots of fun; doing really good. Vet says I?m healthy. But cold weather is coming soon, so I?ll have to go shopping for a new jacket and some boots. (Dad says we get snow here and I like my walks!) That?s all for now. My brother just found a box for us to tear apart. I?ll be sending some pictures. Semper Amore, Simone


I've Moved to Texas. Look for new Details coming soon.


Friends at OKBR, I have adopted a great family. Daisy (my new sister) and I run the show. We nap when we want, we play when we want, they even take us for a walk every day. My new home is fun! There are also 2 cats that live here, but they are afraid of me. Daisy is a pretty rowdy dog. She is older than I am but she likes to play alot. I run faster than she does. Sometimes we just run circles in the backyard. There are also 2 kids here. JT & Becca take us for walks and play with us after school. I am all settled in and I think I will keep them. Thanks for helping me find such a fun family.


Hi Everybody, I just wanted to say that I'm doing great. At my new house my Mom and Dad take me on an hour long walk every night and I absolutely love it. We take a water bottle along so I can drink along the way. YEP! Pretty spoiled! The greatest thing are my new human sisters. I get to be in whatever room they are in. We love to make play forts with the kitchen chairs/blankets and I like to be right in the middle of the fort. Sometimes if they are playing house or dolls in the play room, I'm right there beside them even if I'm just laying and napping. All in all I would say I'm about the luckiest dog in the world.


Hi, I?m Harley. My foster mom and dad just couldn?t give me up. I was scheduled to be adopted on a Sunday by some wonderful people from Texas. But?. my foster mom started crying when they took my leash and they just couldn?t take me from her. So?now I am really at home ? forever. I love being with my brother beagle, Keegan and my sister beagle, Little Lady, aka she-devil. They keep me on my toes, well paws. I get to keep lying on my special doggie pillow, chasing the bumblebees in the backyard, and visiting my special step mom down the street. I know I?m lucky to be here because they love me so much. Thank you OKBR for helping me find the perfect home!


Details Coming Soon!

Louie and Katie

Hello out there in computer land. Louie and Katie here coming to you from sunny and tropical Wichita. My new mom and dad came to get us on Saturday.
Boy were we excited. We had a long drive home to Wichita from Oklahoma city. Dad would not even share any of his french fries. Can you belive that? We were a little tired from all the excitement. When we got to our new home, we could not wait to check things out. We have a new yard to run and play in. We have new friends on both sides of our yard. The were so excited to meet us. Our new mom and dad made sure we had all our usual chew toys and rawhide. We wasted no time in settling in. We have already found our comfortable spots on the couch and favorite blankets. Boy were we tired. Dad likes to relax in the spare room and play something called "video games". We did not want to miss out on anything and made sure that he would not get lonely. We are not to sure about the video games yet, we will have to keep you posted. So far so good for us. We love our new home. We even managed to sneak on the bed last nite and we all fell asleep. We miss all our friends at OKBR. We hope to see you all soon.
Paws and kisses,
Louie and Katie.


Hi, I'm Kris the Beagle. I was flown to Oklahoma when my New Mom saw me on the internet at a kill shelter in Kentucky. I was put there by my last family becuase I had a tumor on my eye and my back and they couldn't afford my medical bills. My new mom brought me here and got me all fixed up. I'm doing much better now, just a regular happy beagle. More Pictuers Here...


I only have a second, but things are great here... My new buddy Bouncer and I play all day. I think we sometimes get on mom's nerves with all the barking and wrestling! But, I'm sure it's as fun for her to watch us play as it is for us to actually play! We keep hearing mom and dad talking about getting a new yard - not sure what that means, but I'm sure it'll be fun! Oh well, gotta run!


UPDATE 4-7-06
Hi - me again,
Well, I've had some adventures with my folks lately.......TRAVELLING!
For some reason and I'm grateful, my folks have been taking these short trips mostly to Houston and have been bringing me along. It's kinda cool. Not only do I get to stay in a pet friendly hotel with them, but I've also taken a liking to riding elevators. People do look at ya funny but I think they're just jealous cuz I'm so handsome.
The other thing I get to do on these trips is when they go somewhere for the day, I spend all day at Pet Smart pet hotel's day camp. That means I get about six hours of play time with other dogs my size or smaller. A few times, there were even other Beagles there which made it even more fun. Thats my favorite part of the trip by far.
Home is still about the same. Too many dang cats but they just hiss at me. I'm far to big for them to mess with me. They start getting ready to fight each other and I jump in the middle. They scatter like crazy and mom, dad and I just laugh at em.
Well thats it for now. Thought I might just check in. Need to get back to my nap ---->

UPDATE 8-15-05
Ok - my family are nice and all, but I think a little insane. Dad's a Dallas Cowboy fan so he's starting to dress me up in Cowboy scarves. It appears he's a Sooner fan also. I hope he doesn't have any Sooner scarves in the house. I'm thinking my coloring may clash with Crimson and Cream. Oh well, better than Burnt Orange, I suppose.
Lets get this out of the way up front. Yeah, fine, I've gained a couple pounds. Sure, I was a little chunky to start with but with these mangy cats they have, I need a little extra girth to push them around. A couple of them make odd noises when I get close but for the most part, they play with me. My parents have started walking me twice a day. Don't get me wrong, I like to walk but my mom is a little crazy about it. We used to just a little walk around the corner and back. Now, she's taking me on these two mile walks at 6am! Doesn't she realize that I'm more like Dad. Wake up, get a little something to eat, then go back to sleep. Now Dad's starting to take me on walks almost as far as Mom. Pretty soon, I'll be wasting away. I do have a little trick though. When they're not looking, I get up on their table and chow down on some delicious cat food. Gotta keep up my strength. Funny thing is, that seems to be when those funny cat noises start.
Overall though, they're ok. I get to sleep in bed with them sometimes, sleep in Dad's office when he works and make sure I announce myself at just the opportune moment when he has a conference call. Mom is teaching me to sit, lay down, and shake. Yeah, I already know how to do those things, but its funny to watch Mom try and what the heck, if I make it too easy on her, I don't get as many treats.
Thats it for now. I hear the garage door meaning they're coming home. Better go look like I've been sleeping. I'm pretty sure they'll blame one of the cats for the empty cat food bowls.
Hi, I'm Buster. Guess what? I've been adopted by these people in Texas! They came all the way to Oklahoma to get me. Aren't I a handsome fellow? Ok, "maybe" I'm a little chubby but that means there's more of me to love!
My new family needs training, I think. They're trying to exercise me alot. They just don't understand that I like to sleep, eat and occasionally chase their cats. One of the little cats is kinda mean though. I went to chase her and she didn't run. She made this really nasty noise so I figured I'd better turn around and go find one of my new owners to hide behind.
Oh yeah, my new family is putting me on diet dog food! They've got alot of nerve. They do have these cool stairs thought that I like to run up and down. I think they're scared I'm going to go face first into a wall. No worries!
On the way home, I got to put my head on "cousin" Ally's lap and sleep while she watched a movie. She's pretty cool. It's too bad she lives in Chicago and has to go home. My other cousin Anthony likes to give me hugs. They tell me I have this sister Emily who will visit someday. Supposedly she likes to wrestle with guys like me. That's ok, I'll be in shape by then!
Uh oh, I think I hear someone getting the leash... Gotta run!


What a sweet beagle! Clifford is adjusting to his new life and family in Kansas. We have been blessed with a wonderful dog. Clifford enjoys his walks and running around in the backyard. He is getting used to sleeping in a bed with my son. Clifford is well mannered and well behaved. He is a silent dog ? has made a sound 3 times since he arrived. He has not learned how to enjoy the beagle car rides but that will come with time. He has taken a liking to the floor pillow in the basement family room. We have renamed the room the Beagle Lounge. Clifford likes to spend time there when he is resting. My son Grant would describe him as a ?playful dog?. Clifford enjoys being with us and likes to stay underfoot. The only thing peculiar (besides his quiet nature) is his lack of interest in the bunny. He has been in close proximity to several rabbits and is not the least interested. That is ok ? we needed a new family dog and got a sweetie. Clifford the Big (not) Red (not) Dog is living a dog?s life!

Shelby (Jilly)

UPDATE 5/2007 - Well, it's been lots of fun here... I've been 'in training' and doing lots of freestyle. I have earned my Freestyle Dog title, my Freestyle Dog Excellent Title, my Brace Freestyle Dog Title with Bonnie, and passed my Proficiency Test so I'm also a "Dance Dog". Yep - I have official TITLES! It's been a lot of fun. I even got to be the cover of the Mental Management CD for Freestyle! I've gotten to travel to a lot of different places too! All the way to CA, AZ, KS, OH and MI! I'm sending a couple pictures of me and mom doing our freestyle thing! Everyone thinks I'm really cute and I get bonus beagle points (extra credit for keeping my nose off the ground) Check out my Website!

Jessie (Pepper Ann)

I finally found it! I found my forever home!!!! And it's been great. I have my very own couch... Well, sometimes I share it with my mom, but most of the time it's all mine. My first day here my mom and dad took me to PetsMart. I got a pretty purple leash, new food and water bowls, and a nametag. I even showed daddy how to clean up a BIG puddle I made in the store. It was a lot of fun. The partment is kind of small, but we make up for by going on lots of walks. It's always fun and interesting because the neighborhood smells are constantly changing. There is always something new to track.
We just got back from a weekend trip to Tulsa to visit Daddy's family. They all loved me and wanted to keep me, but mommy and daddy wouldn't give me up for anything. They love me too much. Well, it's been a very long weekend and time for me to go to bed. I'll keep you all updated on my great new home!!!


Hi, Freddy here, I'm at my new home and it's really Great!! I have two doggie brothers and a doggie sister here! There is also a cat and two ferrets and well I forget what else, but lots of new friends. I have a HUGE yard where I get to run and play, I almost never want to leave this yard, well maybe for a cookie! My new parents are taking really good care of me, they like to buy me new toys and treats all the time!


Boy, am I living the good life! I'm at my new home with my Mom and Dad and fur brother misty. They are just terrific, Mom and Dad both spend all day at home with me, well that is if Dad and I are not riding around in the truck. I have a yard that goes on forever, ok maybe not forever, but I have to stop and get a drink from the pond if I'm running from one side to the other.
Misty is pretty cool, he is about 15 pounds and just as big as I am, so we like to play. At night Mom told me to sleep in my crate so I did, but then she closed the door and I Freaked OUT. I told her AROOOOO!!! which is beagle for "I'll sleep in here, just don't close the door." So now we have everything in order and life is great!

Stoops (Dawson)

So I'm here at my new home. I'm Still recovering from my Heart worm treatment, and they say I'll still have to be crated for 2 more months, but I'm with my new Mom and Dad and it just make it that much better. I also have 4 new fur brothers and sisters. There are these two HUGE dogs, I can walk right under then, I don't even have to duck. I think they are fellow hounds, but they are Grey, yep some time of Grey hounds. There are also two cats, and I don't think one of them (Bert) likes me. He just sits outside of my crate and growls at me. O well, when I get better I'll show him I'm a great friend.


I couldn't be more pumped about "home" (at least that's what they call this place when we come in from outside.) I love spending time with Mom and Dad, and they argue about who I love more. I'm still keeping them in suspense for the answer. Dad's really good about playing. Mom's really good for snuggling up to. Tough choice, huh? I have lots of new toys (and most all of them are Men's Size 13) and a new bed. But most important, I have a new sister! Her name is Roxie. She and I have barking contests every night. Typically, she wins--you know those Beagle women. We also love to wrestle and chase in the backyard. But mostly, we run around trying to steal each others toys, fight for our parents attention (that is, unless, we completely ignore them to play) and then crash in a heap together.
Look for some more pics of me and the Family comming soon!
That's all for now.
**UPDATED PHOTOS 3-14-05***

Jezebel (Hannah)


All I can say is WOW, this yard is HUGE!! It takes me 10 minutes just to walk out to go pee! It's just awesome here at my new home. I have a human Brother and Sister to play with, and 2 other fur buddies. Oreo and Boy are the family cats, but I'm the only dog. I guess I'll have to watch those cats, two on one dosen't seem fair, espically since Oreo is almost 20 pounds! They got all of my favorite stuff here, like my bed and my favorite "Old Navy" dog bone, so I guess I'm staying. Thanks OKBR, AROOOO !!!
UPDATED Pictures 5-23-05

Dixie (Maggie)

**UPDATE** 8/9/05
Hello OKBR! I just wanted to send you a picture of Dixie - turns out that she not only loves car rides, but she loves ski boat rides as well! She took charge of our boat and it was smooth sailing. She's doing great - we've been taking her to the dog park a few times a week and she's making a bunch of other puppy friends. Hope all is well in Oklahoma - we think it's too hot in Texas!

Howdy Y'all! That's what everyone says here in Dallas - my new home!!! I am so excited to be here! My new mommy and daddy picked me up in Oklahoma City and then we drove 3 looooong hours back to Dallas. It wasn't too bad - I really like car rides! I even got to sit up front during the pretty part of the drive by Turner Falls and look at the scenery! I think that my new mommy and daddy were more excited than I was to let me see the house! When we got home, I ran and ran around the house - so many new smells! Mommy and daddy put together my crate - that was funny to watch! Good thing mommy knows how to read directions! After that, we went on a walk around my new neighborhood. Daddy said that there are a lot of wild bunnies in the area - hopefully I'll meet some on my walks! My back yard is the perfect size for me - I love to run around in it. I let my new family know how happy I was with a big "AROOO!!!" After dinner, me and mommy watched a dog show on Animal Planet. I think mommy could tell that I thought the big poodles looked funny - she kept laughing at my funny faces! After my long day, I was excited to go to bed. My crate is right next to mommy and daddy's bed, so I don't get lonely at night. I know that I really impressed them by not making any messes in the house. I was sad to see mommy and daddy leave for work this morning, but they promised me that they will be home soon. They also told me that I will get to go to doggie daycare a few days a week! I'm so excited to meet new friends and to play all day!!! I just love my new forever home in Texas. I'm pretty sure I won't have a problem training my new family and that I'll be spoiled rotten before I know it! Well, that's all for now. I'll write back soon with more news and more pictures. Thank you OKBR for helping me find the world's best family and home!!!


Ok, let me tell you about my new Awesome Family. They are just great, Dad stays home just to play with me, he tells people he's working, but I know he is just here just to entertain me. Mom and I are still having this discussion about who is allowed to sit on the couch, so I think we are playing "On the Couch, Off the Couch." And then I have this silly human brother that thinks you should play chase outside when its 30 degrees wearing shorts and no shoes. I know I'm covered in fur, so I'm warm, but he must be cold. I even have my own bed right next to Mom and Dad's, so I'm always part of the family. Life is good, AROOOO!!


Ok, First I learned my name, and now I have a new home! I just got moved in, and I'm having a great time. I have some new fur buddies to play with, there is Sadie the fruffy dog, and two cats Theo and Scamp. I also have a new human brother and sister, but they aren't here much. They must be busy with other stuff, I think I heard something about college (what's college?). You can see me with my new Mom and Dad in that picture, o yea, Sadie is there too. Well I need to go check out the back yard, I'll write more later.

Duke (Sammy)

Arroooo! It's ol' Duke here. You were needing some updates on some of your happy tails. I have some grrrreat news! I have slimmed down these ol' love handles of mine about 15 pounds since you've seen me last. Oh, I know...I's hard to believe. You told me to eat green beans and carrots! I have cut back to only 1 cup of food twice a day , like you said. Thank you so much! I now have more pep in my step Chuck! Now, if you could help me with my addiction to those ol' chocolate sticks laying out in the back yard I'd be good. Momma says they really make my breath stink! I wish I had a picture from Halloween to send you, but we had some wardrobe malfunctions. My human brother was Obi Wan Kenobi and I was Yoda. Momma had to sew my costume over and over. Next year....yeah, I might just have him dress as a beagle! Well, the green beans are calling my name. Keep the beagle bugle coming, I read them all! Howl at cha' later, ol' Duke


Hi everyone, I've got my new home and I just love it here El Paso! I have a new Sister, White Sox, the beagle, and some human kids too! I'm doing much better since the accident, and I just love to play with everyone! I just got my first picture sent back to OKBR, I'll try to send more soon. I'm really happy with my new internet provider BOL that Beagles On-Line.


I heard that Simon made it all the way down to Texas with his new family, and I really missed him. So I found a family to take me to Texas too! Ok, maybe they found me, but I still get to be close to Simon, maybe we can go hang out at the dog park. Maybe my new dad can take us to work to play on the big trucks. Just tell them Dalmatians that we like to go for rides too! Right now I'm happy to just hang out at home and map out all these new smells, I just need to train my new human brother that I need more cookies.

Scotty and Brandy

Hey Scotty can I tell the story, huh, can I, huh, please!!?  Ok ok, Brandy settle down.  Let me tell my part first and then you can tell your part next.  Ok OK! Scotty, lets do that!

Brandy just wants to play all the time; it was much quieter around the house a month ago, when I first got here.  It was just me, Mom and Dad and my human Brother and Sister, (Meooow!) oh yea and Boots the cat.  Life was great, I would get to go on walks and rides in the car, but I didn?t have another fur buddy to play with.  I tried to play with Boots, but she wasn?t interested, so Mom and Dad decided to invite Brandy to come and stay with us.  Brandy, now you can tell your part.

OK, OK, OK.. Um.. yea. OK!  Well I was living with my foster humans and life was pretty good, but I knew it wasn?t my forever home.  I went to visit other families, but it just didn?t seem to work out.  I wasn?t really happy till I got here with Scotty and my new Family!  They have everything here for me! They had my own sleeping spot, toys, food, and a great yard. (Brandy I think that stuff was mine) Yea, anyway.  So well I need to go play with some toys, and see what Boots is up to, so we can talk more later.

As Brandy runs off to smell things, I just want to say that we have a great home and a terrific new Family.  We just couldn?t ask for anything more.


It has been 8 months since we adopted Simon and I wanted to give you an update on how well he is doing.
We all are so happy that Simon joined our family. He has proven to be an excellent addition. Our other dog, Kallie, has really sparked up since having a new buddy. The two of them play almost constantly, though I enjoy watching them play, it is the 11:00 PM run abouts of tag that I wish sometimes could wait until the morning.
Simon has fit in wonderfully. We have taken him to our lakehouse in East Texas and he absolutely loves it with all the trees and sqirrels. Him and Kallie love to go out together scouting our property.
We haven't taken him on a boat ride yet, since he still gets queasy in the car. He did however jump off of the boat dock into the water and swam in. We were all shocked! Our Kallie is quite a water dog and we were wondering how Simon was going to be around water and we soon found out that he too loves the water.
We have been slowly trying to work on Simon's car sickness by taking him on small rides to get him used to it. He has always been relunctant to get in the car and he just now is starting to get in on his own. I am happy to announce that we just had our first car ride that he didn't get sick! Small step for man kind but a huge step for doggy paws!
Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Simon. He truly is part of the family...
Best Regards, The Jacksons

So I finally made it all the way down here to Texas. It was a long ride, they wouldn't even let me drive, so I just slept. Once I got home I had to check the place out, but my new sister just wanted to play. I figured I better learn the ropes first, so I made her wait till the next morning. I did get a great spot in bed, right next to dad. So I'm doing great here and I got my little humans (kids) falling all over me, it's great. Look for new pictures of me and my sister coming soon.


Ok, I only a have a second, I just got to my new home and I have to go PLAY! I have a new Beagle sister and we love to run and run and play and and WHOA! Sorry, I'm still a bit excited. That is me in that picture with Sammie, my two human sisters, and Mom and Dad. Well I have to go now, but I'll check back in later when my human sister gets some new pictures of me for her scrap book.

UPDATE 1-3-05
Just a quick note to let you know how Sandy is doing. She is such a joy to have as part of our family!!! Sammie and Sandy are inseparable, they play together, they sleep together, they eat together. It is amazing how 2 beagles can be so connected! It's hard to believe that Sandy has only been with us for less than 2 months! It seems as if she has always been with us. I have attached a few pictures of "the girls"...hope you enjoy them!

You can also come visit me and my family at the Greenfield Vineyard.


Hey everybody, here is a picture of me, my new Mom and Big Brother. I just moved into my new house and I love it. They have a doggy door that I get to play with and a big back yard. I had to tell all the birds in the back yard AROOOO cause this is my new house! Mom even set up a place for me in my brother's room where I can lay in the sun and watch the cars go by. Life is great here!


Hey everyone, remember me? I'm Suzie and I have a wonderful adoption story for you. My new mom and dad saw me and my story on the OKBR website and came to see me at an adoption. We both fell in love, and now I'm their new furbaby! The wonderful thing is, they are sponsoring the heartworm treatment for my foster brother, Scotty. I am so lucky to have found such loving, generous people to have for my forever parents. I love them so much...and I know I'll be a spoiled gal! I was so excited about going to my new home, I insisted on driving and my foster family got a picture of me behind the wheel! They also took my picture with my new mommy and daddy, Ed and Fran. Aren't I a lucky girl?


Hooray, I mean "AROOOO!" I found my forever home, well she found me, right here on the OKBR website. Jean Marie flew all the way from California just to adopt me and take me home to become a spoiled California dog. I am SO HAPPY! I'll tell you more about it later, right now I need to go smell some things. Boy do they have funny looking trees out here.


Hi, it's Mattie. This is a picture of me and my new family at Petsmart. We just got back from the dog park, and my coat is just a mess, from all the running and playing. My new family is just great! They gave me a terriffic new home with everything, even a pool. Ok, they say its not a pool because I have to share it with the fish, but I like it anyway ,it has yummy plants to eat.


Hello everyone! Its me ? Lucy. Its been a very long time since I sent a report but I wanted everyone to know that I am SOOOOOOOOOO loved and I am ROTTEN! I?ve been spoiled so much that even I can?t stand it. I am so lucky to have found such a loving home, people to give kisses to ? and now I even talk to my mom. Whenever I want her attention, I just howl at her and she asks me what I want. Then I just roll over on my back to get my tummy scratched. I get to spend time with my nana too, at her house, and I get spoiled there just as much. My nana found me the other day laying in her violet patch on my back with all fours in the air. I was in heaven! I?m so friendly I even give kisses to the Terminex man! He just loves me too. I still get really scared during thunderstorms ? I tremble really bad and drool and pant. I have found that under my mom?s bed is the best place to hide. I just don?t like them but I know my mom protects me. I?ve been here for around two years and I?m so happy. Thank you Oklahoma Beagle Rescue for saving my life. I?m one happy Beagle!

Updated 10-10-05
Hello everyone at OKBR. Well ? its been a year since I was adopted and I am one happy beagle! I sleep a lot during the day when my mom is at work but when I hear the keys in the door, I?m right there waiting for her but I?ve got to go potty so I go outside right away. I love to roll in the grass and run in the backyard. On nice sunny days, I lay in the grass and overlook my estate and also watch for those pesky squirrels. Sometimes my grandma comes and gets me ? she has a really nice house and backyard and I love to go there. But I?m always waiting for my mom to come and pick me up. I love to go in the car. My mom takes me for walks every night and sometimes I meet up with other neighborhood dogs and we visit each other ? lots of sniffin? going on. I also love the kids in my neighborhood. When I see them, my tail wags in a round circle ? the kids call it the windmill. I love it here and I get so much love and I give lots of love with kisses and cuddles back to everyone ? especially my mom. Thank you OKBR for giving me a better life ? it?s the best!. Love, Lucy
I?m Lucy ? a very happy 3 year old beagle. I was brought to the OKBR last fall by my friend Tara, after she saw me tossed out of a moving car on a rainy night. I was a mess and very scared and full of fleas. Tara took great care of me and I got to feeling a lot better. Then I got to meet my potential new mom and she adopted me! I love my new home in Norman. I have someone who loves me so much, kisses me all the time ? and I kiss back!! I have cozy blankets and get to sleep in the house where there is heat, food, water and so much more. I even have a grandmother who lets me come stay at her house and a ?cousin?, a 85 pound lab who I visit and I love to play with too. The kids in the neighborhood love to love on me. They start yelling my name when they see me on my evening walks. I?m so happy. Thank you OKBR.


I\'m sure you all remember me- Scooter! I was adopted by a very nice family with two little boys. My sister, Riley, is a hound mix. We are going to have alot of fun together running and playing in our big backyard! I am so happy to have found my very own forever home.


Hi, I'm Shorty and I just got my forever home! My new mom, Ashlee, brough me home and introduced me to my new sister, Babee (she's a Schnauzer). We run and play together, but she is definitely the boss. I am just so happy to have recovered from heartworms and found such a wonderful and loving home. Thank you OKBR!



Check me out! I just moved into my new home with my new family, and a new friend Chun-Li, the Siamese kitty. They are a great! I get run the house, but going up and down stairs is a lot of work, maybe ill just spend most of my time on my couch. I also have run of the huge backyard with lots of places to hide bones. I can really tell my family is glad I'm here, they got me my own bed, my own couch, and my very own MS. Pac Man arcade game. Ok, I'll have to share the couch, but stay away from Ms. Pac Man.



I've been having lots of fun here... Now that my back is better - I even get to do freestyle. The pictures are of me at my first freestyle competitions - I even have two titles now! Mom always did say that I think I am a princess... I even got a blue ribbon! Our song is "My Bonnie" - I think it's pretty fitting that I have my own song.


Details Coming Soon!


Jen Dog




Cisco (aka Boomer)





Little Ricky

Holly Caroline

Ginny assisted

Little Lady (Greta)