RockySpot's Adoptable Beagles
Norman, Oklahoma
405 227 9879

Adopting A Beagle

Thank you for your interest in adopting an OKBR beagle. You are truly saving a life!

We at OKBR hope you understand our reasons for screening potential applicants. The rescued beagles at OKBR have already been either abused, abandoned or both. Therefore, we want to ensure their safety and comfort before adopting them into a new home.

For this reason, OKBR has established a procedure for adopting OKBR beagles. We feel that it not only ensures the beagle's happiness with his/her new home, but also the happiness of the new owner.

Our procedure is as follows:

If you have any further questions regarding adopting an OKBR beagle, please email us.


Please use the On-line application!

If you must submit a paper application, please mail it to the PO box listed about, also note that it will take much longer to process

Adoption Application (PDF)

Adoption Agreement (PDF)